Body treatments

Indulge yourself with a
treatment that will aid in relaxation

Full Body Massage

A traditional Swedish massage technique to relax and relieve tension in the entire body. Boosts circulation and increases the level of oxygen in the blood. Allows toxins to be eliminated. Provides relief from mental and physical stress. 

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Maternity Reflexology

An excellent therapy designed to maintain a balance during a period of rapid and significant changes within your body. Reflexology can help to alleviate or prevent discomfort and restore your body’s equilibrium.

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When you next visit try out my new LED Light Therapy GENö-LED

Light Therapy facilitates regeneration, is soothing and resolves skin troubles using a range of light wavelengths

Effective for cell regeneration, destroys acne bacteria, improves hyperpigmentation, relief of redness

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

ThermaVisage RF8 is a revolutionary treatment that can be used on the body for tightening loose skin after weight loss. This 3 in 1 treatment includes vacuum suction which produces excellent results on cellulite. Radio Frequency produces heat which penetrates deeply into the dermis until it reaches the muscle fascia which it has a lifting effect. The Radio Frequency generates accelerated collagen production and contraction of the collagen fibres to restructure and tighten the skin. The suction action of the RF8 detoxes the area being treated, draining away lymphatic fluid and improving the texture of the skin. The treatment is finished with chromatherapy, light therapy, further improving the effects.

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Pressure is applied to points on the feet to relieve tension in corresponding areas of the body
This treatment can provide relief from many common complaints including:

• Migraine
• Sleep disorders & sinus problems
• Hormone imbalance & fertility
• Back/Neck pain & sciatica
• Muscle & joint painIBS

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage slows us down, thoughts quieten and awareness is brought to the forefront. Think of it like someone pressing your ‘reset’ button. An Indian Head Massage works with the Ayurvedic concept which goes beyond the limits of healing and places emphasis on balance. Massaging the head encourages the supply of oxygen to the brain which is one of the best ways of reducing anxiety and of lifting one’s mood.

The treatment begins with pressure to points in the upper back, arms and shoulders. Moving onto the neck and head to reduce headache-causing blockages and encourage better circulation. Scalp massage is extremely therapeutic. Using squeezing, tapping, rubbing and stroking. Finishing with facial pressure points and a gentle ear massage and shoulder hold to rouse you from your slumber.


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